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A couple of days ago my glance fell on a small and almost hidden inscription on my sleeve saying: “cancelled reality”. Aah, good old synchronicity. I couldn’t help lauging out loud, as I had been deeply reflecting on the concept “reality” for the past couples of days. I absolutely loved that little inscription. What if it is actually possible? To cancel one reality and choose to show up in a different one? Or how about showing up beyond any reality? Is it possible? Of course it is. It is only a matter of change in perspective, but in fairness, this has demands on its own.

Reality is alive and changeable and it lives and exists within us, not outside us. Reality is in truth a matter of perspectives, which also means, not one person has the exact same reality. In other words, there is no such thing as one set reality. How fascinating is that?! Here we are, living side by side on the same beautiful blue planet and still we haven’t figured out that not one reality is the same, hence the continuous games and fights on gaining power over or convincing each other about who’s reality is most ‘real’… hmm… human behavior… an interesting one indeed.

It happens we share a similar reality and this is like being ‘at home’ with one another. But what really blows our mind is when we go beyond any reality and ‘meet’ and ‘see’ the world and life, the everything and nothing, the all and the more within ourself and within each other. Everything falls away, thoughts, identity, space and time, even being. They are all stripped away and there is just this; conscious awareness and vibrating silence. In this silence our innate knowing resides that which brings clarity. You can ask yourself any question from this “place” and you will know the answer instantly, but, as a wise woman put it so well: “It seems kind of pointless to ask any questions from here.” She had in this moment stepped beyond her former reality and questions from this reality that came from doubt and fear. Instead she was in a place of limitless and profound clarity.

Okay, take a deep breath, if you like. What I have just tried to describe, can’t really be described only pointed towards. In order to get it, one has to experience it. For many it is only brief moments of epiphany, nevertheless the effect can be ever-lasting. It is in truth exquisite, sacred and life-altering.

What creates those moments of “cancelled reality” where something so profound enters? It is a full surrender to what is, with no agenda and no judgements. It is a surrender to the great “I am”. It is an allowance to expand to the everything and the all. It is a surrender of will and control from the mind, a surrender of personal mindset of who we think we are, what we think we know and what we believe to be real. Mind you though, it is a surrender of the personal only, in order to step into complete Presence. And in this presence you will experience a new way of being in charge of your own life. A way of being in charge that is effortless and timeless. Focus and simplicity enters.

There are few people who live, breathe and walk in the world as this. This is the very same people who knows how to create these moments of “cancelled reality” for others to experience. It is people who have already made a conscious choice or put in other words, who are in constant conscious choice of a complete surrender of their own ego and personal reality in order to become ‘knowing’ and become ‘consciousness’. Few, rare and unique they are indeed, but mind you they do exist… have a look beyond your own personal beliefs and reality and you might meet such a person, and that person might be yourself.