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Another year has reached its destination. 2011 was a special year with profound aliveness, life without filter, great challenges and learning, surrender, joy and abundance of inspiration everywhere I looked. It was also the year where the language of ‘poetry’ was called out by the untamed wildness of the Western shores of Ireland, the Atlantic Ocean, the poetic and sacred energy of The Burren and last but not least the music and people that crossed my path.

Writing as poetry; it’s simple, maybe innocent and maybe not of great intelligence but I live and breathe freely in the rythm of life expressed in a few lines. Here I find a humble power, beauty and simplicity; it doesn’t try to explain itself. On that note I’ll leave you to my latest poem dedicated to “the man on the bench” who a few years ago in London shifted the despair of seeking to love with a simple song…


A Simple Song

To the man on the bench
With eyes so blue and intense
You were sitting with your guitar
Playing haunting notes from afar
Your hands shaking
Tunes slightly breaking
Something made me stop
I had to listen and look up

To the man on the bench
With a soul so beautiful and immense
You told me, close to tears
It was the first time in 10 years
You held a guitar in your hands
Lost because of life’s demands
You said with shame
You were no good at the human game

To the man on the bench
Who sees the world with a rainbow colored lens
That day you made me a song
The first, you said, you’ve ever done
I saw you and I understood
Also when you said; “Sorry, I´m no good”
“I’m just a simple man
Drinking beer from a can”

To the man on the bench
So honest, with no pretense
I was running through the rhododendron cove
Seeking life, though keeping my head low
Trying hard to find a way to belong
When all I needed was a simple song
You brought me remembrance that day
A gift on your own birthday

To the man on the bench
A beautiful angel of innocence
These words are for you
Humble and full of gratitude
A simple man with a guitar
Changing everything when the world seemed ajar
We said goodbye, seeing deeper than the eye
Know, your gift lives on deep inside


I wish to dedicate 2012 to this man and everyone who now and then find themselves on the bench and think they are no good. Know you have intrinsic value in whatever gift you bring to the world, simply by being you.

A Beautiful 2012 to you all!