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Dusk @ Mullagh Mor

What has occupied my mind and being these last couple of months, besides playing a lot with unprofessional photography is a bold and creative project here in the West of Ireland; A BURREN CALL It is a call for hosting breakthrough conversations in the Burren and to allow this unique place to teach us to look beyond the individual and together honor life, each other and this incredible blue marble we call home.

Below an abstract from our website:

“It’s a call as ancient as time; as raw as its naked rocks; as insistent as the break of the Atlantic ocean on its western shores; as paradoxical as the Alpine and Mediterranean flowers that nestle side by side in its crevices; it’s as haunting as the salutary legend of Poll na Glaise and the Seven Streams


It’s a call to remember what you always knew but temporarily forgot; It’s a call to reconnect with the source of all life and who you are;
It’s a powerful call to Blow your Heart Open.”

The first Breakthrough Conversation; ‘GFI’s ‘Climate Gathering.’ is up and coming very soon, the 14th – 17th of February at our hosting place Burren College of Art. The participants are a great international mix of top-politicians, incredible artists, daring students, youth activists, a stand-up comedian, renowned scientists, former presidents, social entrepreneurs, designers, professors, eco-innovators… and heck, there you have it; me… (!)

On the question:
“Why do you choose to participate in The Climate Gathering?”

“I care. I care about Life and our inner climate to step beyond fear, or at the very least take charge of it and not letting it run our lives and how we treat the planet, each other and ourselves. I see a possibility to live a life where we give more than we take. I celebrate the fact that we gather with an honest intent to do something different, to humbly honor life, the planet and each other and having the strength and courage to look into the unknown with absolute dignity and an open heart.”

Is this naive? I don’t think so, let the fun begin… ! 🙂

If this has any interest, please go to the websites and read more:


Something really worth watching, apropos…: