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You don’t do this, really you don’t do this, but I do, when the calling becomes so loud that there is no way of turning down the volume and fingers in the ears while singing lalalala doesn’t do any difference except getting pretty annoyed looks from my surroundings, including the cat.

So here we go; I’m Dreaming Iceland. “True North” is calling big time! To be honest, it’s been calling since November 2012 but it’s getting quite loud now and I know I must go. In April 2013. Why? Now, that I don’t know. However, that’s the less traveled road of walking on the edge of … almost everything. I’ve come to experience incredible things on this road, challenging things, doubt and more doubt and beautiful things beyond my own imagination, yet always in the midst of it all, there was and forever is, tough and humble learning. And one thing has been with me throughout it all, maybe the one thing that’s kept me going, the one thing that keeps growing slowly and thoroughly for every breath I take; trust. Trust in life and trust in the call. The latest call A Burren Call (see previous post “Something’s Calling”) also started just with that; a call. Connecting the dots between two choirs and an Irish troubadour was just a call. Even going to Ireland in 2011 where I now still live, was just a call… A call from the unknown that became known. So far. It might not look like art or even come close to the thought of an artists work, but in my world it truly is a piece of art. It’s the artwork of a Dreamer, where the invisible brushstrokes are painted on the rough canvas of life and infinite possibilities.

I trust the Dreaming and I trust the call. Invisible, unknown but REAL. And the more I manage not to get in the way by trying to understand, figure it out or plan from the tiny and quite screwed and conditioned map I carry between my two weird ears (one more weird than the other) the better and more effortless it all works for the benefit of not only me but apparently a whole lot of other people too. I’ve come to see an interesting ripple-effect to this… Furthermore, understanding will arrive and events will unfold on their own accord and in their own time.

I might be interfering just a little bit by sending out this request, or maybe I’m not… hmmm, so be it, the truth is, I can’t get there without help. If you while reading this post should feel a resonance in contributing to this little piece of art, I will be deeply grateful. If you work more in the realm of sending some positive vibes my way, please by all means, don’t hold back 🙂

Iceland in my being

Thank you.