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Another artist has just entered this humble little place dedicated to Artists and creative minds who ignites the life of others by bringing colors, sound, stories and new perspectives to our world in various and unlimited ways.

Please let me introduce you to a mad RedHead and truly daring photographer
with an exquisite eye for the sacred and deeply raw feminine whilst with her lens exploring unexplored worlds of great and enchanting stories….. (!) Mrs RedHead; a Polish chick living in County Clare, Ireland. Do check her out (mind you, behave or she’ll get terribly rude 😉

I have always been fascinated by dreams and my recent work is a reflection of my exploration into the soul and personality of a location. Every picture is a story of an unexplored world brought to life through the lens….
I base my locations upon feelings I have and my individual imagination.
I believe every abandoned place is a lost soul waiting for me to awaken it and bring it to life…

Come and Dream with me……
Mrs RedHead Photography: www.mrsredhead-foto.com