Quick late night note, apologies if I’m rambling a bit, however my friend D signed me up for a photo-competition called Exposure 2013. Yesterday. And yes, you can say I accepted for as far as I know, I’ve been sitting all night uploading photos, first deadline is now. What it’s all about? Please click the link Exposure 2013 because I actually don’t really know, but there might be a shy Irish cow in there somewhere…. The photos are a small careful selected collection from my many years of dreaming and wandering. In colors. I wish to play more with black and white but in fairness, it’s been quite some colorful years, so I stayed with the colors.

Dreaming and wanderingIt’s been some journey to go through all the photos again. And itching feet and a longing to be back wandering these incredible places. I do sometimes miss them, in particular the desert. 1½ months walking alone in the roar of the still is beyond words…

Speaking of itching feet. It worked. I am going wandering back to one place of the incredible places; Iceland! Thank you everyone out there for your support, it is immensely and deeply appreciated, wouldn’t have made it without you! Can’t wait to get out, so I can return… 🙂


Dates open for coaching in April Reykjavik and Copenhagen is listed under the tab Events.

NB! If you for some reason ended up here, but prefer to be on my other more ‘quiet’ blog www.htfisker.com of photos and poetry and hardly any words, feel free to jump over. Very little cross-blogging will occur. This will be an exception.