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Simplicity of being is to me to listen to your gut-feeling and innate knowing, give it your trust and stay true to it by living accordingly, regardless circumstances and what at first appears as great costs to you and your life as you know it.

Walking in the BurrenI have often, after leaving the beaten track, quietly viewed my life as a little piece of art. I look at all my wanderings on the inner and outer planes and I see a painter’s brushstroke, creating colours, shapes and forms I couldn’t have planned or imagined however; looking back I see a painting emerge. Each brushstroke is playing a unique part, some more obvious than others. It might be quite an abstract painting, making little sense to most, sometimes that includes myself but throughout the years less so. Looking ahead though is yet another story; all I see is a blank canvas.

Livet leves forlæns, men forståes baglæns.
Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.


Only one thing is clear to me at this point; art and creativity is playing an ever-growing part, whether it’s my own expression or that of another creative soul. Where it is all heading, who knows? And does it matter? For all I know, it might stay in the unknown something I’ve come to trust and thrive in. As I wrote in a previous post, I realized I actually trust my life. I might not always trust myself, but I do trust my life. It has so far never let me down! It might have given me many tough among a few easy lessons; regardless I genuinely see them all as gifts. Maybe some of them are VERY hidden blessings in an extremely creative disguise, yet they train me to look for the highest possible perspective and potential to move forward instead of leaving me as a victim of circumstances. In my world, this is true freedom; freedom within and the power to navigate the inner waters. Which I have managed and managed to fail at equally.

I have learned for the most part not to interfere with my heart, gut-feeling, intuition, life, whatever to call it…it simply knows better. It runs like a river, possibly not finding the straight way but the most effortless way (not to be confused with easy) in other words; flow. Creating and exploring stunning landscapes, moving to different rhythms; sometimes a quiet pool and sometimes turning into a roaring waterfall. Always renewing itself and interacting with many unique life-forms on its way. Unless I interfere with it. Only a human mind would think up the idea of making a river straight, I assure you, I tried and the result wasn’t pretty.

“The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart”. (Gary Zukav)

The head has a tendency to doubt what the heart senses*, because more often than not, it (the head that is) doesn’t understand the language of the heart. Until it might realize the language of the heart does not speak in logic understanding, plans, agendas, figuring out, past and future but in timeless resonance and honest sensing that has another level of knowing that is hard to pinpoint or explain. How do you explain you love your children? You don’t, because you just know. The knowing I refer to is not a fixed state of right and wrong, it has got nothing to do with opinions and even less to do with “the story”. Knowing is an innate energetic resonance, ever changing, ever creating, timeless and full of paradoxes.

Throughout history there have been people listening to what their heart sensed and thereby changing the lives of many. They stayed true to their innate knowing, ideas, imaginations, dreams and sense of they were on to something and capable of making it happen despite how unrealistic it looked or how judged they might be in a world where most had succumbed to the way things were and had given up on being able to change anything. People like Edison, Einstein, Gandhi, Rosa Parks, just to name a few.** I strongly believe we all have this sense within us, ready to be lived or expressed in different visible and invisible ways. Regardless. No excuse.

Let’s meet up
There are apparently people who are genuinely curious about my way of living and asked if they could have a closer look into it during an afternoon of stillness and questions. They kindly invited me to come and answer…
Copenhagen the 20th of April 2013: an afternoon about simplicity

It’s incredible encouraging to be invited to this and it creates a still and humble place of honouring my life and a sudden urge to apologize for all the times I didn’t.

See you, here or there, somewhere or nowhere…

*I do distinguish between emotions and feeling and that of sensing. The latter is impersonal, emotions and feelings are personal unless we are able to dissolve the personal in it and listen and interpret it purely as energy.
** Thoughts inspired by an exchange of perspectives on Malcolms Corner A blog rich with interesting topics. Definitely worthwhile visiting.