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Life works in wondrous ways. You take one tiny step following an innate sense of timing and the subtle weave of a dream where music is the core of it and all of a sudden life takes a new course and unfolds in ways hardly imaginable…

Last year in 2012 I wrote an email to Archie Simpson the musical director of the renowned Irish Lismorahaun Singers based in County Clare to ask if he would have time and interest in meeting up with the Danish conductor Marlene Lollike and her girls choir Østerbro Pigekor. I got an immediate response and an avalanche of creativity took off, including the Irish singer songwriter Luka Bloom, whose song ‘Fertile Rock’ was the very spark that ignited the dream of bringing the Danish choir to Ireland in the first place, threw himself in the melting pot of musical creativity. Everybody involved gave their utmost which culminated in an extraordinary concert in Kilfenora. What we all experienced was the strength and power of how much can be accomplished in a very short amount of time when everyone involved seemed to work for a common cause greater than ourselves, in this case friendship and the purity and power of music. To read the full story please click here

LISMORAHAUNcdSEADAA little side story (and the main reason for this post) The Lismorahaun Singers are now launching their new album SÉADA which I’m deeply honored to have contributed to with my love for photography; who would have thought?!

There will be a short concert along with the CD launch on Friday the 28th of June 2013 @8pm in St. Fachtna’s Church, Kilfenora, Co. Clare. The event is hosted by Archie Simpson and Naomi O’Connell a former student of his.

And then my camera broke down! It’s as saying goodbye to a part of myself and the feeling is quite naked, walking through beautiful landscapes without being able to capture the moment and share it with the world. Since 2006 that little thing has served me well and opened my eyes for the unique gift and joy I find in photography enhanced by much encouragement from friends and blog-followers. I’m sorry to announce I will not be able to take any new photos for possibly quite a while. Fortunately it wont prevent me from posting photos, there are still photos in my archives from my many wanderings yet not posted; photos holding stories still not told…

Dreaming is beautiful and can change many outside circumstances in this case dreaming up once again to have a camera at my side… should there be anyone out there who feels a genuine call to support this possibly still quite unprofessional artist with help to contribute to her utmost important tool in the form of being able to express life through photography, I will be more grateful than I can ever find words for, but hopefully one day the new camera will tell the tale.

There are two places for support. The little yellow button to the right of this site or through see.me (formerly Artists Wanted) which has a small portfolio from my many wanderings fisker.see.me.

I’m absolutely aware that creativity often increases the more limitations are put upon the artist, so who knows what might come out this… 🙂

Should you wish to look further into a life of dreaming and wandering through photography and poetry please visit my other blog Simplicity of Being.