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I can’t claim to be a writer. However, I once wrote 3 pages for an anthology about fathers called “I en nøddeskal 24 fortællinger om fædre” (In a Nutshell 24 Stories About Fathers) Editor Lise Lotte Frederiksen. It was in 2011, just before I went to find my base on the Western shore of Ireland. It was great, writing a tribute to a man who was there when I took my first breath and who has had a tremendous impact on me and my life through his patient listening, understanding, wisdom and meaningful leadership.

Apparently the writing wasn’t too bad either. I was asked again in 2013, if I would write for Lise Lotte Frederiksens new book “At blive grebet” (not a clue for a good translation of this) a collection of stories from 12 people from all walks in life with a passion and drive for something unique to them and their lives.

In “En vandrer” (A Wanderer) you will get to look in through small windows into different places life has taken me along with inside spaces life has taught me.

Writer: Lise Lotte Frederiksen & the rest of us…
Publisher: Peter & Ping, Denmark
Graphic designer: Berit Stubkjær Andersen