Picture 3 in the Mists of Myths series blessed with a beautiful poem from an incredible poetic soul; the one and only CpSingleton. He truly knows how to capture the feel of mists, myths and magic living within this picture. We are grateful he would offer his gift of words to this. Bless co-creation!

Author, C A Middleton


I was asked to write a poem about the amazing photograph by https://www.facebook.com/MrsRedheadPhotography and lovely model https://hannetfisker.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/mists-of-myths/ above

The Elven Queen. By CpSingleton © 2014

Throughout the mists of legend’s pen
On Heath and bog, moor and fen,
Creatures of nature’s hidden favour
Summon spells of unique flavour.

Their elven queen, Aneira, casts
Her spells from realms long since past.
Calling from the elements four
Of her people’s mystical, magical lore.

From her heart and spirit strong,
To her hair: rich gold and long
She summons runes to form a shield
So that her kins crops will fully yield

Also protection drawn from the air.
Each rune placed with ultimate care.
She knows she must do what she can
To protect her kind from jealous man.

Then when the moon rests in her bed,
With one last look she’ll bow her head.
For nature is the guiding hand.
If only…

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