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Coaching Spring 2014

I’ll soon be in Daneland for a little while and there will be a few dates open for Coaching in Copenhagen on the following dates; May 15th, 21st and 22nd 2014.

Coaching X’ happens to happen…
It has a life of it’s own and I honor it’s peculiar way.

A change in perspective, a shift in consciousness
In all it’s simplicity it’s about profound listening with no agenda, figuring out or wish to fix anything or anyone…! However, there is always movement and this is about calling more of you present in the world and from there with fresh eyes look into new opportunities and plunge madly into the flow of your life, head or feet first. It appears we all, now and again, need a witness to our lives and the apparent shifts that takes place within to enhance the movement and the awareness around it.

For reviews on my coaching which to me is more a work of art than what is traditionally known as coaching, please read here: Reviews

For contact, please send me an email or contact me on my Danish mobile from May 14th contact info

Can’t wait to see the lush green beech trees and the explosion of scents and colors that spring in Denmark has a great habit of.

See you soon!

Should you be interested in following a bit of another side of my work, that of photography and poetry; please click the link: www.htfisker.com