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webposter_gallerycafe-2Something is up… and it’s a new exhibition in Gallery Cafe in Gort, Co. Galway from the 13th of May – 12th of June, launching it on Wednesday the 13th of May from 8pm – 10pm-ish. The launch will be a ‘hyggelig’ (google-translate that if you can) evening where, if you are interested, I’ll be happy to tell the tales behind each photograph that catches your curiosity. There’ll be a glass with bubbles or without (or both) for the thirsty. Will love to see you there. And your friends and family too of course. The kitchen will be open till 9pm if you should come hungry, really delicious cuisine. This is the main reason for this post, however as I went along one word took another (many!) so should you be curious to read more about what spurred on this new endeavour I’m undertaking with my photography, please continuing reading… otherwise, you can dive into my world of photography right here: www.htfisker.com

Last year, September 2014, I had a thought. Yes, they happen. Particularly after a packed summer. Not only serving many a strong (and less strong for the faint of heart) coffees in Doolin Cafe, I was also organising two Clare Cafe Tours (and Gort), and I’ve been seen running (slowly) and thoroughly enjoying myself among Irish tunes swirling in the air backstage at Doolin Folk Festival. Somehow I also managed to squeeze in a 2 week journey to the magical Iceland (got to keep those wandering feet of mine fine-tuned).

But. When less humans were swarming Doolin and calm settled and the days shortened as the autumn breezes turned into wilder storms sweeping the land to the sound of thunder from big waves and swells hitting the cliffs, I sat down in front of the fire. Literally. And I reflected deeply upon the summer, realising I was still catching my breath a month later. Questions began to stir within. Somehow over the last years since I set foot on the emerald isle my life has changed drastically, every year. Somehow something new always seems to come my way, also events I had never dreamed of I should be part of. It’s been and is truly exciting, but there are definitely also unsettling times. I suppose a life on the edge at times can wear one out, even if it’s where I prefer to be. On the edge. Not only does life constantly change, I change with it and I at times wake up and don’t quite recognise myself anymore. Not necessarily a bad thing, on the contrary. It can be a moment (that lasts months if we speak in time) of what could be called a transition and in some aspects it’s also a door opening to not only new possibilities but also to re-invent oneself, yet again. Or simply just a lucky stumble across a new side to oneself not fully consciously encountered before. While still literally sitting, questions arose looking back at the summer: Is this really me to be this busy? Is this the way I want to live? Sprinting through summer holding many different reins at the same time? Maybe it is?! I wasn’t sure anymore. I started missing times of more still, solitude, wandering, waking up everyday with everything in the open and not plan what was to come and in the spur of the moment travel to foreign countries for however long I wished. In other words, simply a human-being and less of a human-doing with plans. I suppose some prefer to know the day, week, month, year ahead and others prefer not to know. At least not too much. There’s comfort in both, depending on how we are wired. Somehow I felt I’d lost a bit of the ‘unknown’ and the one sitting still for hours and gazing into far off horizons just beyond sight, the one who wandered two months through the desert of Israel with no other company than a camera and now and again met strangers that became friends in odd places as in when I’m having my feet up being treated in a horse-hospital and many other mad tales from a life lived up until this point.

Having said all that, perhaps being is slowly but steady merging more and more with doing and one doesn’t outweigh the other but co-exists; the Storm and the Still. I’m not quite there yet, but with time… Perhaps the flow has changed for me from a quiet forest stream to a roaring river continuously picking up speed and yet another surrender to this different pace and a different walk in life is acquired? I don’t have the answers but I’m doing some ‘research’, frequently consulting my gut-feeling that kind of appears to know, definitely more than the “I” do, although its messages can be subtle at times. Something underneath this sense of loss of being was slowly emerging far enough up from the depth for me to grasp it as a thought before it dived back into the secretive dark mystery of my tiny existence. Maybe I didn’t miss something that was lost but instead was longing for something I had yet to discover which was already there to be explored further? And as in a sudden gasp the thought crystallised: “what would happen if I poured all that energy and focus I spent during the summer into my own creative side and art of photography and poetry?”

The question has stayed with me since and I follow it relentlessly. So here I am, wandering in a more metaphorical sense (sparing me the blisters) through all my photographs from the past 9 years; the first 4 of them as a nomad, the last 4 more or less settled in Ireland and one year I’m not quite sure of what was happening. My first exhibition was in March 2015 and on the last night I got a beautiful offer for another exhibition in the eclectic and wonderful Gallery Cafe.

So there. It so happened that my thought not only let to one exhibition but two! (three in fact! Just got word of it today, although the third exhibition is still ‘under cover’ until further notice, but sometime in September in East Clare is a good bet) It does look like I might be on to something… time will show, regardless I’m beginning to enjoy the ride, because it’s all it is, isn’t it? Just a ride. Not necessarily going anywhere and perhaps that’s not the point of it anyway. With Leonard Cohens lyrics “you live your life as if it’s real” Life has been darn serious of late and ‘real’. I think I’m going to let my camera loose and begin an(other) unreal life and blend a good portion of the unknown back into the mix, and some mystery too…

I’m pretty shite at making a living, but I think I’m good at creating a life.

Hope to see you down the road.

L1050628If you can’t make it, please have a look at the prints here: Prints & Portfolio
Or go for a beautiful drive along the coast to:
Russell Gallery, New Quay
Hotel Doolin (please ask in the reception)
Doolin Cave
– they are all displaying different few selected photographs.

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