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Today I went to Mullaghmore in the Burren with my friend Luka Bloom and Róisín Ní Gháirbhith to stand with Standing Rock, not just this day, but every single day!


“At this time of Thanksgiving, I went to Mullaghmore, the sacred mountain in the heart of the fertile Rock that is The Burren in county Clare. With my friend Hanne, we both wanted to say thank you.
To the brave men, women and children at Standing Rock in North Dakota.
For months they have stood and struggled to protect their sacred lands; AND to protect OUR sacred water from the insanity of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
We hear you, see you, and thank you.
water is life.” Luka Bloom

Global Prayer for Standing Rock. The Whole Word is Watching! #PraywithStandingRock on Saturday November 26. 3pm Central Time. More info: https://praywithstandingrock.com

The Protectors at Standing Rock is to be deeply honoured for what they stand up for, what they have always stood up for. Maybe finally, this is a time their voices, long overdue, are being heard. They are protecting the water, protecting the Earth, showing the rest of the world a way to be with, respect and honour the natural world.

Thank You!

Forget about the news, they cover more or less nothing, instead here are pages to follow from the very people at Standing Rock:
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