Behind the lens at Doolin Writers Weekend 2017, shared from my photography blog.

Hanne T. Fisker Photography

Once again I participated in Doolin Writers Weekend, the fifth of its kind. It was also here I had my first photography exhibition in 2015 which brought me further into my world of photography. This weekend, I was behind the lens playing with light (or the lack of it), grainy black and white shots, colours, different angles of a creative ekspression with one intent; to catch and portray a unique atmosphere writers and poets alike brings to such a space.

I don’t strive for the perfect photograph, my only aim is to capture the essence of an atmosphere, to create a feeling, not only to the eye that sees. Open up curiosity of what is behind and around, beyond the border of the image. This also comes from a wish to challenge my own preconceived conditioned mind to what I think ‘proper’ photography is. I think I am an artist…

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