Me and my Leica Hanne Thornfeldt Fisker
Photographer, coach, coffee maker, concert organizer, manager and promoter; basically in many various ways Connecting the Dots… from a long and winding road less traveled.

Life is a peculiar one. This ones life is dedicated to the world of art and creativity, paradoxes, the space in between, listening and the simplicity of “what is”…

Nature Raw Art Photography: I am thoroughly exploring my own creative expression through photography Hanne T. Fisker – www.htfisker.com; expressing the purity of raw nature and tales from a life of dreaming and wandering. Please visit this quiet and timeless place of my own existence. Upcoming photography exhibition at the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon, Co. Clare, Ireland running the month of July 2017. Preview Friday the 30th of June @ 7pm-9pm. Do call in. For more info, please go to Hanne T. Fisker – www.htfisker.com

Connecting the Dots… a well of new ideas and bold projects are taking form on a constant basis. I am intrigued by artists and the many ways of expression they have to offer the world. My work is to connect the dots between incredible and daring artists that have their heart and soul involved with places that are up for it and thereby get the artists work “out there”, wherever that is; to move, touch and inspire whoever happens to cross paths with their art. I have by now arranged many a concert including organizing and managing “Clare Cafe Tour (and Gort)” touring with Luka Bloom and John Spillane.
Latest project is organising Østerbro Pigekor’s second trip to Ireland 16th – 21st of October 2016. They will be performing a concert with Luka Bloom the 18th and with Lismorahaun Singers the 20th. Please look up Upcoming Events or my latest blog for further details.
Much more is stirring also on my own creative side…. check in now and again to follow updates or subscribe to my very ad hoc blog.
Upcoming events I’m involved in one way or the other can be found here.

And then there is Coaching X’: Something that happens to happen. It has a life of its own and I see it more as a creative work of art than what is generally known as coaching. I don’t advertise it anywhere but here, somehow it works purely by word of mouth and this site is only for people who somehow landed here by ‘coincidence’. To read what people have to say about their experience with this work of art please click here.

Connecting the Dots… is a tribute to creativity and the simplicity of being… nothing more and nothing less.

Just this !


PrintI am a supporter and business member of the Burrenbeo Trust, a landscape charity working towards the future sustainable management of the Burren region, Ireland’s heritage soul.