Artists of the World for the World

This page is dedicated to artists and creative minds who ignites the life of others by bringing colors, sound, stories and new perspectives to our world in various and unlimited ways. I am fortunate, they have all crossed my path on my many journeys, touched me deeply and brought inspiration to my world. They are artists who have the courage to let their dream and passion to create being their leading star on every step of their way. Artists who makes the intangible tangible… or is it the other way round?

A click on the images below and you’ll find yourself exploring an artists unique expression and energetic signature.



Andre Feriante ~ guitarist, composer and poet.


Luka Bloom ~ Irish singer, songwriter and guitarist.

An Alchemist of Songs ~ tunes and lyrics of timeless presence and profound simplicity; the philosophers stone of music.


Niamh Ní Charra ~ Irish fiddler and concertinist.
Niamh Ni Charra ~ Jaunty Irish fiddler and concertinist


Swil Kanim ~ Native American violinist and storyteller



Mia Willaume ~ colorful poetic rawness


Joshua Elias ~ Painting a “new language” telling unique stories.



Bryan Kopp ~ Photographer. International Portraiture.


Mrs RedHead Photography ~ Unexplored worlds…


Nic Askew ~ Film-maker, storyteller and composer. Soulbiographies.



Theatrical Explorations ~ by Eleanor Feely, actor & Etain McCooey, musician


John Longenbaugh ~ writer, playwright.


Jakob Vedelsby ~ Writer. Innovative classic Scandinavian fiction.

Jakob Vedelsby ~ bringing a new and unique voice the to classic Scandinavian fiction literature.


(Note: I made this page because I really (as in really really) like what artists bring to the world through their art. They have a gift and this page is what little I can do to contribute to their work being passed on. The artists on this page are people I know well, but it is the inspirational and creative force they represent that this page is to support. The links are not advertisments and I get no kickbacks)