Payment for a Coaching X’ session is built on mutual trust and respect in keep with what Art of eX’istence stands for. It is a call for an equal and honest exchange. Therefore there is no set fee for a session, there is only a minimum fee; €70. For this to work there is something of utmost importance to consider:


Be genuinely honest and choose the fee from a place of stillness in your being and not from a calculating mind!


This open fee system is to be considered as an acknowledgement and investment in your own steps forward in life as well as a contribution to my work of art and support for it to be passed on. Please bear in mind you are given timeless time, a space to be, “ears” that listens and full presence for as long as it takes (usually 1 – 1 1/2 hrs) and this regardless in whatever form it comes; through face to face meeting, skype-calls or email.

Should this open fee-system be a scary bitch, not to worry, the range of payment over the years will give you an idea: minimum fee €70 and up to €340.

Payment as per agreement

Or even easier if you wish, please give the donate button to the right something to do 🙂