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A Thought Has Now Become A Reality!

Over and over again, several people from all around the world have constantly supported and placed their trust in my art and walk in life. Because of these people, I have been able to carry on my apparently natural call for wandering and dreaming that has taken me to extraordinary people, stunning places, awe-inspiring experiences, creative projects, connecting the dots between artists and places that are up for it and most importantly; constant humble learning. Every heartbeat is given to this, in many ways weird and undefined life, which also is the core and foundation of Connecting the Dots… My deep-felt honor and true gratitude, always, to every one of you who’ve crossed my path on my many journeys and made the impossible possible!

Two remarkable women of this priceless “bunch”; Marlene, lifelong dear friend and Natasha (Tash), close friend and “colleague” in the work of coaching, have recently joined forces and created something they have had on their minds for years: a fund supporting my work of art. A different way of living and working seems to be possible in ways I could never imagine. Thank you, I am forever grateful!

Please read their words below.

Dear All,

We know, from all the stunning tales Hanne has told us from her nomadic travels from Copenhagen to London, Hawaii to British Columbia, Iceland to Ireland that she has received an amazing support in so many various and beautiful ways, through profound friendships and an immense trust in her way of walking in life. We know she feels a tremendous energetic wave of support from each and everyone , which allows her to DO what she is here to BE. A dreamer and wanderer whose life is her art! Adding to this, many have also been able to contribute to her creative life in the past years with the several necessities that a physical form demands such as offering her a home in your homes, coffee en masse, airplane tickets, food, clothing, financial donations etc, etc … the list literally has no end. We know that all above mentioned is priceless and beautiful beyond measure.

As dear friends of Hanne, we see the overwhelming potential of life that Hanne creates and how she makes a breathtaking difference, not only in the lives of others, but in how we all perceive life and each other. With this in mind, we, Marlene and Natasha have decided to co-create a fund for Hanne – a flowing energetic and financial source, which, we hope, will easen the steps for her so that she may continue on with the profound work that she is here to BE and DO.

As this fund has also been inspired by the immense support Hanne has felt over the years from each and everyone of us, we would like to extend the invitation for you to join the fund in whatever ways you feel called. All donations are immensely felt and equally appreciated – the visible and the invisible ones! There are two ways you can donate to the fund:

  • Pure energetical support
  • Through financial support

What is of vital importance though is that any contribution you wish to make to the fund is given from the core of truth within you, as an honest connection to want to be a part of this support and from your joy and free choice.

With Love to Life and All (and please do contact us if you have any questions – here, on Facebook or Twitter: StirTheSource).

Marlene & Natasha xx

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Natasha Stallard: