Coaching X’ happens to happen…
It has a life of its own and I honor it’s peculiar way.

A change in perspective, a shift in consciousness
In all its simplicity it’s about profound listening with no agenda, figuring out or wish to fix anything or anyone… Life is movement, together we are tapping into that movement, exploring where it is potentially taking you and who you are becoming; which paradoxically is who you already are… All that might be needed is to see yourself and your life with fresh eyes. Now and again, it appears we all need a witness to our lives and shifts within.



“However smart we be, however rich
and clever or loving or charitable or
spiritual or impeccable, it doesn’t help
us at all. The real power comes into us
from the beyond. Life enters us from
behind, where we are sightless, and from
below, where we do not understand. And
unless we yield to the beyond, and take
our power and might and honor and glory
from the unseen, from the unknown,
we shall continue empty.”
D.H. Lawrence



Below are words from people from all walks in life and the impact this work of listening has had on them. If you wish to know more or book a session, please send an email to

‘I’m utterly exhausted, but have a deep lightness permeating through me…clarity and confidence create a smile towards the unknown of the moment. After all, “Life is my art, and I’m an artist.” I know you don’t need someone to tell you this, but you are a truly, deeply, good person. I know that fundamentally, I’m awakening that which is and always will be me, and yet I don’t think I’d be where I am in this moment without your “guidance.” You are such a gifted individual, undoubtedly lighting countless fires that yearn to burn in each of us, awakening our deepest potential to unfold and create in ways that have never been, improving lives, honoring perspectives, and manifesting that “source” of life. Words can’t begin to describe how much I appreciate your time, presence, and honest intention to improve the life of another; I can only hope such profundity is mutually experienced.’ Bryan Kopp, Photographer and the more… Seattle US


‘Hanne is a gifted soul coach. She identified a deep buried characteristic about me, which I was not even aware of. For the first time in my life, I understood the importance of knowing these hidden depths in me, which also lightened up many unclear events in my past. The coaching session with Hanne gave me new perspectives about some important aspects of my life and I am truly grateful.’ Alon Amrani, PhD. Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering – Caltech (California Institute of Technology) US


‘I found Hanne to be a refreshingly honest, open and sincere coach. I think she has a real talent to provide solid coaching.’ Kris Haanes, Publisher. New Mexico, US


‘Hanne is a magical, transformative being who is able to assist others to find their way to a life of freedom, fun, adventure and magical wonder. She’s an evolutionary coach, a transformative trainer and a neo shamaness extraordinaire. She empowers free spirited living and for everyone to be all that they’re called to be. As a member of the Evolutionary Network, she’s playing a part in the growing phenomenon of new visionary leaders who are co-creating a new world.’ Soleira Green. Speaker, trainer, author (‘The New Visionaries’ and ‘The Alchemical Coach’), coach, potentialist, creationalist and evolutionist. UK


‘Hanne is a truly delightful person. She is warm, funny and radiates delight in life. Her presence alone is life enhancing. She is an excellent coach and facilitator and is well trained but her greatest strength is that she is a natural. If you want to be coached by a true being with absolute integrity and a magical ability to transform life, you really couldn’t ask for anyone better than Hanne. Do yourself a favour and contact her today. You will not regret it.’ Jane McAllister Dukes. Artist, teacher, trainer, Creative Master Coach and Certified Coachville Mentor Coach. UK


‘You truly are magical. I thought, I was the one who was magical, apparently, I’ve met my match. You really struck a chord in my life. You have awakened something in me about the way I enlighten people, or, should I say, you’ve made me aware of how much I matter in this world, when it’s just me, being me. Thanks for being on my train. I am so happy, I had this chance in my life, to be coached by you.’ Tony Clementi. Chief of sparkling up peoples life in Tonys Lounge Bar on Amtrak, USA.


Testimonials from the Company Full Potential Group (FPG) in UK after running a course co-created with evolutionary coaches Danielle Cantillon and Lynne Healy:

“Hanne has such amazin presence, power and love of life/love of everything in fact. She is a limitless pool of potential and possibility – truly inspiring! She has had a lasting impact on me which I KNOW will be with me until the last of my days. The words that strike me about Hanne is “powerfully simple” … In a very “powerfully simple” way Hanne has called and inspired me to totally acknowledge what I am capable of impacting and changing as a leader of our times .. “

“I hardly know what to say about Hanne – she is amazing beyond words. In the time that Hanne spent with us not a moment nor a word was wasted: every contribution – whether spoken or not – was immeasurably powerful and impactful. Hanne is the most generous, authentic, powerful person imaginable.”

“There are no words big enough!”

“Hanne is a truly amazing woman. Her presence, excitement and energy lights up anywhere she goes. She comes from her truest place of knowing and that just astounds! If you work with Hanne you know that you will be experiencing the BIG possibilities, the big, amazing, MAGNIFICENT experiences that will completely transform you – whether quietly, silently, verbally, physically or any which way that comes!”

“Hanne has this amazing, inspirational energy that just envelopes you and makes you feel indestructible. I truely felt I was in the presense of greatness and felt extremely priviledged to be there.”


Testimonials from Denmark

‘Det er ikke bare coaching i traditionel forstand. Hanne har en helt særlig evne til at se og mærke mennesker på et dybt plan. Hun kan guide én til at se det, man ikke vidste, man vidste, så det står lysende klart. Caféomgivelserne giver oplevelsen en ekstra dimension, fordi man allerede er midt i den virkelighed, tankerne kredser omkring.’ Louise Mazanti, forsker

‘Jeg har ledt mange steder -og ofte forgæves. Det har aldrig faldet mig ind, at jeg skulle søge lige dér hvor jeg fandt det. Hos en pige der umiddelbart ligner en som mig selv – og dog! I Hanne Fiskers helt enestående nærvær blev der åbnet op for lys, power og den energi jeg har søgt efter så mange steder. Hanne Fisker har i form af sit menneskesyn egenskaber der inddrager hele universet +++ og jeg er dybt taknemmelig for at have mødt et menneske som hende på min vej.’ Lene Refsgaard, Designer.

‘Jeg stod ved en korsvej og vidste måske godt, på det følelsesmæssige plan, hvor energien og lysten burde tage mig hen… analyserne og fornuftbetragtningerne bremsede mig i at vælge den vej, der føles som min vej. Hanne satte et spejl op foran mig, som bekræftede mig i at følge mit hjerte og vælge mig selv. Så enkelt kan det skrives og alligevel føles det som en enorm rejse at nå dertil, at jeg kunne erkende det fuldt og helt. Svarene var hos mig selv og Hanne assisterede i at identificere hvor ressourcerne og energierne ligger hos mig. På denne måde er det en aktiv hjælp til selvhjælp – en personlig kompetenceafklaring. TAK for det!’ Lisbeth Boye. Director and Partner Sociability.

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  1. People speak highly of you. I’m glad you are open to “what is”.

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